Wildlife in Uganda

Uganda is home to an abundance of Uganda Wildlife Tours. With the Nile River running through the country, over a thousand confirmed bird species live alongside predators and prey alike. In just one holiday you can explore both equatorial rainforests and savannahs, so typical of Eastern Africa.

Not only is Uganda a Big-Five destination, it is also home to the endangered Mountain gorillas as well many other primate species including wild chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys, and the Grey-cheeked mangabey. For many a sighting of the pre-historic-looking Shoebill is top of their birding list, and Uganda is one of the best places to see this strange creature. Uganda really is one of the most rewarding countries in the world for those looking for a holiday that focuses on wildlife sightings from primates and bird species to many different mammals, both large and small.

Our all-encompassing Uganda Wildlife Tours will allow you to do all that and more; giving you the chance to experience the real Uganda with its varied cultures and people, as well as other ‘must-see’ highlights such as savannah game, Mountain Gorillas, tree-climbing Lions, Chimpanzees and Africa’s famed and unique predators! Uganda is an exceptional country with friendly welcoming locals and amazing landscapes waiting to be discovered. Our expert team is ready to organize that holiday of a lifetime!