Cultural Expedition

Rich Cultural Tours

Uganda is very rich in culture with a lot of diverse cultures in its respective regions. Cultural tours in Uganda can boost the experience of your safari especially if you need to unwind and relax! Watching these people dance, tell traditional stories, or depict their way of life to you is something amazing. So far the most visited tribes are the Batwa Pygmies, Karamojong, Acholi, and the Ankole but Batwa Pygmies turn out to be the most visited of all by tourists because of their proximity to Bwindi & Mgahinga. A Batwa trail can accompany your gorilla trekking safari or rather you could opt for an experience with them in Mgahinga if you have a full day to yourself or rather have less activities for the day.

Cultural tours in Uganda include visits to the local communities where you will discover unique and interesting cultures including that of the Batwa pygmies and Karamojong people. Batwa people used to live in Uganda’s forests before national parks were gazetted. They lived as hunter gatherers and supported their diet with fruits and as such, a visit to the Batwa pygmies in Bwindi and Mgahinga is something to look forward to on your cultural tours among other Ugandan delights. The Karamojong are found in far Northeast near Kidepo national park and a visit to this special community while visiting Kidepo national park is a worthy addition that will spice up your safari. We also offer tailored cultural tours to different parts of Uganda visiting different communities each with its unique cultural customs and norms. Our tours include visits to the Ankole community, Toro community and kingdom as well as the Buganda community found in central Uganda. We are more that ready for your cultural tours in Uganda. Kindly browse through our packages above to get started.