Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

To make your reservation complete, you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of African Travels. We ask you to read through the Terms and Conditions of African Travels carefully.
Your booking is only confirmed after a written confirmation from African Travels (by e-mail to your email address). From that day following rules apply. Should African Travels for whatever reason do not accept your booking you will receive the amount paid in return.

Booking a 4×4 car rental with us?
Please read the terms and conditions for our non-equipped and equipped vehicles carefully.
There are no refunds on campsite reservations. For lodges we maintain the same T&C as for cancellation policies Tours & Safaris.

Passport, visas, and other travel documents 
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that passports, visas, health certificates, proof of vaccinations, and other required documentation in order for the countries to be visited. African Travels can not be held responsible if any of the above documents not in order. On the website of https://birchillexpeditions.com you will find all the necessary information. African Travels and its partners are not responsible for the consequences, damages, or claims if the client before the journey begins not correct documentation and adhering affairs in order has.

Comprehensive travel and cancellation insurance is mandatory during all our travels. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he/she has insurance and the necessary papers to the guide can tones before the journey begins. Any (financial) consequences of not have addressed the above papers is the responsibility of the customer.

All baggage and personal effects are at all times the customer his / her responsibility and African Travels and its partners accept no liability for any loss or damage to the property of the customer, in any way whatsoever. Per person, any customer a small bag of up to 20 kg and one hand luggage. We recommend to all traveling a backpack or soft sports bag in place of hard cases (except for Luxury travel).

The client accepts that all tours have an adventurous nature and an element of personal risk contain. Neither Birchill Expeditions nor any of its partners will be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any injury, death, or property damage, in any way whatsoever occur. The customer agrees and proposes African Travels and its partners not be liable for such claims. The customer accepts full responsibility for all risks during travel.
Birchill Expeditions and its partners carry out all reasonable checks to ensure that those involved in the preparation and implementation of holidays adhere to the proper standards. The descriptions, information, and advice in the description of your journey in good faith, based on the latest information available at the time of publishing.

It is important to know in advance whether your vaccinations and malaria need. Always consult your doctor or local health authorities for this Checking.
Birchill Expeditions can’t judge whether a participant’s health restriction is able without difficulty a particular journey. For this you will, in case of doubt, a doctor should go.
The client accepts that to participate in a trip a certain level of physical condition and required health and it is the client his / her duty to make ensure that he/she is medically fit to make the trip. Birchill Expeditions and its partners require a doctor’s certificate that a client medical fit when a customer is over 65 years.

Authority during the trip 
The decisions of the safari guide during the trip will at all times conclusive and binding. The customer shall at all times with the laws, use conditions, and customs of the countries to be visited to meet. If the customer does not comply with the above or if the customer is a burden for the rest of the group, then the guide can decide to the respective customer the trip to exclude, without refund of the fare. The customer will own the cost to return home.

Birchill Expeditions and its partners reserve the right to any picture or video recording that they themselves make while traveling for marketing purposes or for advertising material and the customer hereby, therefore, consent to such photographs or video recordings to use. Birchill Expeditions will such materials copyright have. When a customer photos to Birchill Expeditions makes available for her guestbook or gallery, acquires Birchill Expeditions thus entitled to these photos for marketing purposes, as well as on the website.

Unforeseen circumstances such as wars, mechanical problems on vehicles, weather, strikes, riots, and other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of African Travels are delays mayor changes to the trigger travel. Birchill Expeditions will not responsibility can be held in any way whatsoever for this Such event or consequences thereof

Travel with an open mind 
Each country has its own charms and is different. You know, so go there too. To even really a different world today and in the normal living home steps. This means that you come into contact with other users, cultures, and mentalities. As do the course for. However, there can always be certain things that happen that were not previously been taken into account. Some things are simply different than at home. Food, hotels, transport, and infrastructure in Africa differ from what we are accustomed to. Please keep this in mind, so that any not delay or inconvenience can be annoying because you’re totally not expecting had.

Changes by Birchill Expeditions 
We sell travel with a sense of adventure. There may be some (Power-on) circumstances that compel us, locally or departure, changes in itinerary, accommodation, or transport to take effect.
Birchill Expeditions does everything for the holidays to perform such described on the website. These trips are however already months in advance recorded and sometimes must conceive of circumstances causing small changes in routes, times, itinerary, or transportation. All operators always do their utmost best alternative.

Group size 
By trip indicated that the minimum and a maximum number of participants is. In the unlikely event that the minimum number of participants is not reached and the trip can not go, you hear no later than 21 days before departure. In that case, a refund of the fare instead.

Traveling alone 
Book you alone, you are sharing a twin or double tent with a companion of the same sex to the extent possible. Would you be assured of a room or tent, we can which, if available, for your books. The amounts of the single supplement can be found at the additional information to the particular voyage.

Extensive travel information 
www.birchillexpeditions.com find in every travel information and practice comprehensive day-to-day. Read this important information carefully. She is part of the travel agreement. The extensive travel information is not automatically sent. If you do not have Internet access have, we will send you on request like a print ad.

Payment and invoice 
You have the choice of booking online. The trip is confirmed only when the payment has been received. When payment is received you will get a confirmation email, which also serves as a booking confirmation. Check the entry and names of the participants. You must pay the total amount to be paid within 10 days after receipt of the invoice. For bookings within three weeks of departure must the total amount as urgent payments be made. When you travel booked within 30 days before the departure date, the full payment within 48 hours after receipt of the invoice shall be fulfilled. Payments for Airfare must be paid immediately.

Travel documents and visas 
You are solely responsible for ensuring that you reach the correct departure have travel documents. Make sure your passport after returning at least valid for six months and has enough blank pages. If there is insufficient space in the passport may be refused entry to a country and the traveler will have to return to their country of origin. For rent, a car in South Africa for example must be at least 3 years possession of a valid driving license. A credit card is required for the car, do not forget to take it along.

Price Disclaimers 
For the tours, we reserve the right routes and prices to fit and charge. The prices of foreign travel in this currently exempt from VAT. If the VAT rules are changed, then adjust our prices accordingly.

Cancellation Policy Flights
There is no money back on the flights you purchased through Birchill Expeditions.

Cancellation Policy Tours and Safaris
If a customer has a longer trip of 55 days or more cancellation, retain Birchill Expeditions a deposit of 25% of the total amount. When a booking is canceled shorter than 54 days before the trip begins, the following cancellation fee: 43-54 days – 35% of the total amount, 28 to 41 days – 50% of the total amount, 14 to 27 days – 75% of the total amount and less than 14 days before departure – 100% of the total amount.
Every customer who after the departure date of a trip takes part, or not at all, or just leave the trip before it is terminated for any reason whatsoever, is not entitled to a refund of money from Birchill Expeditions nor of its partners, and can not claim a claim for any additional costs. Group tours go through subject to a minimum number of customers. When that number is not reached, retain Birchill Expeditions or its partners the right to cancel the trip. There is then entitled to a full refund of the total amount. Normally 4 weeks before departure clearly or the journey continues. Birchill Expeditions and its partners reserve the right to cancel a trip, without prior notification when this is unavoidable. In that case the customer the amount already paid back. This is the sole responsibility of Birchill Expeditions and its partners to the customer and no other claim be deposited.

You can change your trip (date, route, etc) against the additional cost of € 100, – administration fee plus any additional costs relating to the trip. Changes within 56 days before departure are subject to the cancellation policy as previously mentioned plus any communications and other expenses. All changes are effective only after written confirmation of Birchill Expeditions.

Birchill Expeditions also mediates accommodation and after travel. Cancellation of airport transfers and accommodation is equal to 1-night accommodation 7 days prior to our past. You have no right to a refund if a transfer or hotel accommodation within 7 days before being canceled.

Special requests 
Dietary wishes have to be passed on at the moment of Birchill Expeditions books. The tour operator will do everything possible to meet these wishes but sometimes this is not feasible.

The fare 
Every trip is exactly what is included. Consider the Local Costs. These are costs that are mandatory but directly to your tour guide to be paid and not-to Birchill Expeditions.

Travel Voucher 
Every month raffled among all Birchill Expeditions Facebook ” likes “a travel voucher worth € 200, -. This travel voucher is not to exchange contacts, individual airline tickets, or car rental and must be redeemed. Then void the travel voucher. The travel voucher is personal and can not be redeemed by another person. Maximum 1 voucher per person per trip may be returned.

Why book with us?

As Africans we love Africa and we want to share our greatest passion with you! We make sure you enjoy your trip and volunteer to the fullest. Birchill Expeditions is; 

  • Fun & Exciting
  • Responsible Travelling
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  • Great value for money
  • Give back to the community