The Beauty of Kidepo NP

This three day trip takes you to Kidepo one of Uganda’s most spectacular parks and it is located in Uganda’s remote north –eastern corner. It is 1,442 square kilometers and harbors scenery unsurpassed in any other park in East Africa. It receives 890mm of rain fall of the southern part while 635 is received in […]

Best Spots In Queen Elizabeth NP

This 2 day Queen Elizabeth Safari – a Uganda wildlife safari takes you to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest national park, with plenty of wildlife, birds and primates. This park also has spectacular scenery including Crater Lakes and rolling Savannah plains overlooking the snow capped Rwenzori Mountain ranges. You will enjoy game drives […]

Kibale Adventures

The Kibale Chimp Trek is a 2 day Uganda safari that will take you to Kibale Forest National Park for Chimp trekking which is the main attraction. It also involves optional bird watching, a nature walk through the Bigodi Swamp area, a visit to a community in the area, or a visit to one of […]